Personal Road Sessions:
Personal Mountain Bike Session: 

There are various ways to become a faster, stronger, and mentally tough mountain biker. Do you want to work on your downhill riding? Or how about learning how to get over those tough drops? Maybe you just want someone to ride with to see how you measure up when climbing or handling your mountain bike? Lets go shred some trails together! 

Road racing requires the strength, stamina, and the ability to suffer for long periods of time. However, what is often overlooked are the tactical aspects of competitive cycling. Each athlete can benefit from fine tuning specific parts of their training. Maybe you need to work on sprint form or sprint power. Do you need to learn more about descending so you maintain contact with the group? How are your paceline skills? Do you have fear being in a large group? Do you want someone to critique your time trial position outside? During this time we can head out to a specific area based on that days goal and work together to help you gain more confidence for your next Road Race or Criterium. 

Personal Track Session:

Do you race at the track or are you interested in racing fixed gear bikes? There are two velodromes on the Front Range of Colorado where we can work on various aspects of track racing. Sprint form, endurance races, pursuit, motor-pacing, and much more. 

*Pricing varies based on location, discipline, and goals. Please inquire about a personal session.